Veggie Variety Pack - Pantry Cans

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Veggie Variety Pack - Pantry Cans


Our Veggie Variety Pack is the perfect combo of freeze dried vegetables to keep on hand for daily cooking, everyday emergencies, and long-term food storage. Our veggies rehydrate easily. You can even throw them into a pan right out of the can with a bit of water and let them rehydrate while they heat up. Thrive Life foods are easy (and so tasty) for everyday cooking and emergencies.

Veggie Variety Pack (Pantry Cans) Contents
1 Broccoli 
1 Chopped Onions  
1 Chopped Spinach
1 Green Beans  
1 Green Peas  
1 Mushroom Pieces
1 Red Bell Peppers  
1 Sweet Corn  
1 Tomato Dices

25-year shelf life
Freeze dried

Premium quality food for the best taste and nutrition

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How long does freeze dried food last? Learn more.

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