Give 15%, Get 10%

  • Give friends 15% off when they order through the Monthly Delivery Service
  • You get 10% in Thrive Credit for their first order
  • Double Dip! Get 10% on your first order when a friend orders within 90 days of your purchase.

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3 Ways To Refer A Friend:

  1. Share your link
  2. Have an Online Party
  3. Have a Tasting
You can even do all 3 to maximize the Thrive Credit you can earn!

Send via text, email, Facebook or any digital platform. You can also use it at a Tasting or an Online Party. However you choose to share!

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Have an Online Party

Your Consultant will create an event on a social platform like Facebook for your friends to watch a presentation about the benefits of Thrive Life products.
  1. Contact your consultant
  2. Pick a time
  3. Invite friends & family

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Have A Tasting

A tasting is a one-on-one or small group gathering where your guests can sample the products. Sampling is a very effective way to help your friends and family realize how amazing these products are!

How to get started

  1. Contact your Consultant
  2. Choose a place & time
  3. Invite friends & family

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