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Freeze Dried Food

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Snackies Sample
One Snackies pouch of Strawberries
Retail USD: 18.27
Consultant USD: 6.59
Sample Pack
Four Snackies Pouches. Banana,
Strawberries, Fuji Apples, and Sweet
Retail USD: 49.67
Consultant USD: 32.99
Pantry Can
Sample Pack
Five Pantry Pans. Strawberries,
Peaches, Sweet Corn, Cheddar
Cheese, and Ground Beef.
Retail USD: 146.07
Consultant USD: 108.89

Things to know

Thrive Life Consultants, you can send samples to potential customers by adding it to your cart, then changing the shipping address at checkout. Shipping is free Please note, samples are non-commissionable.

Don't forget to reach out to your customers after the sample is delivered.