Frequently Asked Questions

Thrive Life Basics

Why Thrive Life freeze dried?
Because it’s simple! Freeze drying takes away all the busy work and leaves you with delicious, healthy, and easy food. Everything is pre-cleaned, pre-chopped, and ready to go to save you hours of slaving away in the kitchen. Did we mention it stays fresh significantly longer than traditional produce so you can cut the waste and your food budget? To learn more, click here.

Where does Thrive Life’s food come from?
We work hard to find the best tasting food on the planet! We only work with suppliers who meet our high standards of food quality and taste, and we don’t source from countries with controversial farming practices.

Is Thrive Life’s facility USDA and FDA approved?
Our production facility is a site to behold! We are a globally recognized Safe Quality Foods (SQF) facility. Food quality and safety is at the top of our priority list, and we conform to a rigorous safety and auditing standard. We are certified by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) and the Food & Drug Administration (FDA), which means our facility and products are frequently monitored by these agencies. Our facility is also certified Gluten Free and Organic.

What is Nutrilock?
Our Nutrilock certified products go through an over 40-step, proprietary process. These steps start at the farm, ensuring no genetically modified seeds or crops are used. Our foods are always allowed to grow until fully ripened, leaving the maximum amount of time needed for flavor and nutrition development. From there, Nutrilock products are flash frozen within hours and freeze dried in our world class freeze drying facility. Products must then pass tests with our R&D, Quality Assurance, and Culinary teams before they’re approved for consumption. To learn more about Nutrilock, click here.

Is Thrive Life’s food organic?
Our products are conventionally grown but follow a strict growing, production and quality standard. Products that are Nutrilock certified meet many of the qualifications of organic like avoiding GMOs, artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives. Our produce is thoroughly washed to remove fertilizers and pesticides and is often higher in nutrient content than organic products due to our Nutrilock growing and freeze dry practices.

Are Thrive Life’s foods gluten free?
Many of our products are gluten free as a result of being a single whole food, like Strawberries, Chopped Chicken, or Onion Slices. All gluten-free products are packaged in separate gluten-free rooms to avoid cross-contamination. We are a certified gluten-free facility, and all products that are certified gluten-free have a gluten-free symbol on the product label and online product page.

Can families with allergies and special dietary needs eat Thrive Life’s food?
Yes, and it’s easy to find products your family will love! On our site, you can search for products by allergy or diet. We also suggest reading all product labels before purchasing. Please note that our allergen-free foods are processed in the same facility as foods that contain gluten, dairy, soy, coconuts, and other food allergens. Our machinery, tools, tables, and work spaces are thoroughly cleaned and sterilized before each new production run. However, in the interest of the safety of those who have serious food sensitivities, Thrive Life cannot guarantee that trace amounts of allergens will not be present.

How long does your freeze dried food last?
With our innovative freeze drying process, we remove almost all water and lock in nutrients, which means Thrive foods will stay fresh for a very long time! Shelf life varies depending on storage conditions. Most of our canned products last one year after opening and 25 years before opening—and we do it without adding preservatives! To learn more about shelf life, click here.

What’s the best way to cook your food?
Cooking with Thrive Life is easy! To start, purchase one of our Simple Plate meal for a step-by-step guide to whipping up chef-approved recipes. You can also Thrive-alize your own family favorites by swapping out store-bought items for Thrive Life products. Just follow the refresh instructions found on the product label. Because most of our products are pre-washed, pre-sliced, pre-cooked, they cut down your prep and cook time dramatically, so you might want to be thinking of what to do with the extra time you’ll have.

Delivery Service Basics

How does the delivery service work?
This is an ongoing delivery system where customers can pick their products and receive regular scheduled deliveries. Customers have full control of their deliveries, which means they pick the products they receive, they pick the day their delivery processes, they control the price point, and they can also skip a delivery or cancel at any time.

Do you offer vegetarian or gluten free meal option?
Yes! We have a limited number of vegetarian and gluten free options and will soon be adding more to the lineup.

How long does it take to receive my box after the processing date?
Boxes usually ship between 3-5 business days after being processed. Actual shipping time will vary depending on destination.

Can I cancel my delivery service?
Yes! You can cancel or skip deliveries at any time.

How do I manage my Delivery Service?
You can view and manage your deliveries by going to Manage My Deliveries in the drop-down menu under the Delivery Service main tab at the top of This is where you'll go to change processing dates, customize your deliveries, and skip deliveries.

How do I know when to customize my order for an upcoming delivery?
You can make changes all the way until midnight before the day it processes. We’ll also send you an email 5 days before your order processes to show you what’s in your delivery.

How many future deliveries can I customize at one time?
You can create as many future deliveries as you like by clicking “Add Delivery” in the date drop down menu at the top of My Deliveries, and you can customize these deliveries any time you like. You can adjust the dates of your deliveries by clicking on "Change Date" on the delivery you'd like to adjust.

Can I order the products from my Simple Plate meal?
Yes! Nearly all the products you find in your Simple Plate meal can be purchased in bulk. You can purchase these through our Delivery Service or the one-time shopping cart.

Can I get free shipping?
Yes! Free shipping is available on all items purchased in the Delivery Service when your delivery is $100 or more. Keep in mind that Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico receive 5% shipping in the Delivery Service. Discounted shipping is not available outside of the Delivery Service.

Changing Who You're Shopping With

As a Customer how do I change my Sponsor?

Changing who you are shopping with is permitted in several circumstances.

  1. Any time you are logged out of a Thrive Life account. When logged out of a Thrive Life account you can check out as a Guest and change who you are shopping with at any time.

  2. When a customer signs up for the Monthly Delivery Service for the first time. When you change your status from one-time shopper to Monthly Delivery shopping, you can change who you are shopping with.

  3. When a customer registers to be a Consultant for the first time. When changing from a customer to a Consultant you can change who you are shopping with. By doing this, you will also change who your Sponsor is.

If you are having problems changing who you are shopping with, please contact our Customer Experience Team via email at or call 877-743-5373.

As a Consultant how do I change my Sponsor?

The transfer of a Thrive Life business from one Consultant to another is rarely permitted. Requests for change of sponsorship must be submitted in writing to Thrive Life’s corporate offices, and must include a reason for the transfer. Thrive Life will only consider transfers in the following four (4) circumstances:

  1. The sponsoring Consultant can move the Consultant they enrolled under anyone in their downline within ninety (90) days of the new enrollment.

  2. Within ten (10) days of the enrollment date, the Consultant seeking to transfer submits a properly completed “Sponsorship and Enroller Transfer Form” which includes the signature of the Consultant seeking to transfer to a new sponsoring Consultant and the signature of the original sponsoring Consultant; ·14· 157215

  3. In cases involving fraudulent inducement or unethical sponsoring, a Consultant may request that he or she be transferred to another organization with his or her entire Marketing Organization intact. All requests for transfers alleging fraudulent enrollment practices shall be evaluated on a case by case basis, and must be submitted to the Company in writing within sixty (60) days from the enrollment date. The request must include a detailed description of why the Consultant believes his or her enrollment was fraudulently induced;

  4. The Consultant seeking to transfer to a new sponsoring Consultant submits a properly completed and fully executed Sponsorship and Enroller Transfer Form which includes the written approval of all parties whose income will be immediately affected by the transfer. Photocopied or facsimile signatures are not acceptable. All Consultant signatures must be notarized. The Consultant who requests the transfer must submit a fee of $50.00 for administrative charges and data processing. Transferring Consultant must allow thirty (30) days after the receipt of the Sponsorship and Enroller Transfer Forms by Thrive Life for processing and verifying change requests. A transferring Consultant’s Downline shall remain in the original genealogy and shall not be moved with the transferring Consultant; however, Thrive Life reserves the right to make Downline genealogy changes at its discretion.

To see the full document click here.

Consultant Basics

What is a Thrive Life Consultant?
We like to reward our food fanatics for sharing, but instead of giving them a measly coupon for spreading the word, we give them cold hard cash! These are our Thrive Life Consultants, and they’re filling their wallets by filling dinner plates. To learn more about Thrive Life Consultants or to join the fun, click here.

What is expected of Thrive Life Consultants?
Thrive Life Consultants love two things: food and people, and when they share good food with good people they’ll be rewarded with cash. In order to qualify for a commission paycheck, Thrive Life Consultants are only required to purchase a one-time starter kit and have a personal purchase of at least $50 every month. To learn more about Consulting, click here.

Do Thrive Life Consultants receive any special discounts?
Thrive Life Consultants are eligible for all perks offered to Preferred Customer including free shipping in the Delivery Service and wholesale pricing on all products. Consultants also receive commission on their own purchases and other perks!

To see the full document click here.

Account Basics

How do I manage my Thrive Life account?
All account settings can be found under your Account. The link is found in the drop down menu under your name. Here you can find general account information, order history, delivery settings, newsletter subscriptions, and more.

Referral Program Basics

What is the Referral Program?
The Referral Program is a program that allows customers to share Thrive Life with friends at a discount and receive Thrive Credit in return. A unique link is provided to each customer account that can be shared with friends and family. Every time a purchase is made from that link, the referring customer will get 10% of the order subtotal in Thrive Credit..