Simple Plate

A meal kit that stays fresh. Seriously. Just go to your cupboard, grab a box, and have dinner ready in 20 minutes.

One Less Chore

Fresh on the Shelf

Although our ingredients are preservative-free, Simple Plate will stay fresh for 12 months using the beauty of Thrive Life ingredients.”


Even our meats are prepped in advance, so you can skip all that busy work and get right to cooking!

Zero Planning Required

When your pantry is full of complete tasty meals, you don’t even have to think about dinner until it’s, well, dinner.

How is Simple Plate different than other meal kits?

What are people saying?


Oh my gosh, guys! If you haven’t tried the Garden Veggie Lasagna… you’re missing out! Absolutely delicious and ALL 5 kids had seconds!”

Leah & Duane Wilson, AZ


When you only have 1 hour before you have to run around, it’s nice knowing you have a quick solution that can be on the table in 30 minutes!”

Millie Carpenter, AZ


Between homework, piano, and soccer I don’t have time to prepare a healthy and delicious meal, but Simple Plate has seriously been a game changer. I now have time to do what matters most to me!”

Amber Mann, UT

Let's start cooking!

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Do my meals come on a recurring basis?

Yes! Quick and healthy dinners are always in style, which is why Simple Plate is available through our recurring delivery service. During setup, you'll customize how often you'd like your meals to come as well as when your order processes. You can cancel your delivery service at any time with no fee.

Are Simple Plate boxes and pouches recyclable?

Yes! We like earth. It grows our food, and that's pretty cool. So after you're done whipping up your Simple Plate meal, go ahead and recycle the packaging. All of it. 100%. Mother Nature will thank you.

Do you offer Simple Plate meals that are gluten free, dairy free, or vegetarian?

Yes! We are growing our meal options for varied dietary preferences. We currently offer a limited number of vegetarian, gluten free, and dairy free meals that you can select from when picking out your meals.

How do I get free shipping?

Simple Plate can only be purchased through the Delivery Service, and free shipping is available to all deliveries of $100 or more.

Can I skip a delivery?

Yes. You can skip any upcoming deliveries before the proccessing date.

Can I select my Simple Plate meals?

Yes! You'll get to pick from several healthy, delicious, and easy meals that have been chef-approved by our in-house culinary team.

Can I receive Simple Plate just once?

You can add or remove Simple Plate from your Delivery Service at any time.