Protein Variety Pack - Pantry Cans

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Protein Variety Pack - Pantry Cans


The Thrive Life Protein Variety Pack - Pantry Cans is your ultimate, versatile protein solution for daily cooking, everyday emergencies, and long-term food storage. Easily rehydrate our freeze dried meats and eggs. Just add water, or simply toss them into a pan with a bit of water and let them soak up moisture while heating. It's the perfect addition to your kitchen for your long- and short-term culinary needs.                                                                                

Up to 25-year shelf life
Freeze dried   

This Protein Variety Pack contains 8 Pantry Cans of our popular proteins, including: 
1 Grilled Chicken Dices 
1 Ground Beef 
1 Diced Beef 
1 Diced Chicken 
1 Chicken Slices 
1 Scrambled Egg Mix 
1 Pulled Pork 
1 Sausage Crumbles

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