Fast Track

Earn over $600 in gifts and credit for building your business in your first 100 days as a Consultant!


DAYS 1-40

  • $90 Thrive Credit
  • 30 Days Free Consultant Website ($10)

DAYS 41-70

  • $90 Thrive Credit
  • 30 Days Free Consultant Website ($10)

DAYS 71-100

  • $90 Thrive Credit
  • 30 Days Free Consultant Website ($10)

Bring Your Friends


Enroll a Consultant within your first 40 days for a Thermal Tote!

Receive $50 in product credit for each additional enrollment for 100 days.


Finish Getting Started within 100 days and earn $50 in Thrive Credit!

Fast Track Elite

Complete more within your first 100 days for additional rewards! Completed Fast Track requirements count toward your Fast Track Elite requirements.

5 New Consultants
  • $150 Thrive Credit
  • Thrive Life Backpack
  • 3 Months Free Consultant Website ($10)
  • Elite Representative for at least 6 months
  • $800 Commission Check Approx. numbers, including the Builder Bonus and residual deliveries
Back Pack


What are processed sales?
Processed sales include first time orders placed through the shopping cart, starter kits, and first processed deliveries of your enrolled customers and Consultants. New deliveries must be processed and paid for within the desired Fast Track period to count towards processed sales.

When does the Fast Track program go into effect?
Your Fast Track program starts the day you enroll. You have 100 days from your enrollment date to complete the Fast Track requirements and earn rewards.

How can I track my Fast Track progress?
There is a Fast Track progress report on My Office that will display the requirements and your progress for each period.

How are the rewards for Fast Track redeemed?
The gifts will be added to your next delivery once earned. Free months of Consultant websites will also be automatically added to your account. For product credit awards, your Fast Track progress report will show whether you have completed the requirements for each period or have enrolled Consultants. The free product you earn will show up as Thrive Credit in your account and you can apply it to any order you place.

How long do I have to redeem my product credit?
Your Thrive Credit will expire 180 days after you receive it.

If I complete the Elite requirements, do I earn Elite rewards instead of Fast Track rewards, or in addition to them?
Elite rewards are given in addition to the regular Fast Track rewards, and any requirements you have completed for Fast Track will also count toward your Elite requirements.

Can I earn rewards during one Fast Track period even if I didn’t complete the requirements for the previous period?
Yes, each period is independent of the others. You have a new chance to earn rewards each period!

If I complete more than the requirements for one period, will they roll over into the next period?
Yes, any additional sales will roll into the next period once the requirements for the current period are complete.