4 Easy Ways to THRIVE


Healthy freeze dried foods you can eat on the go.

Add Water

Rehydrate your THRIVE with one of these techniques

Add it to a cylindrical container with a lid, add the needed water, and tumble by turning it on its side and rotating until the water is absorbed.

Use other liquids besides water to add extra flavor when you rehydrate: bouillon for meat, juices for fruits, and more!

For more delicate foods like grapes and cherries, spritz them with a spray bottle until moistened to help them hold their true shape.

Throw and Go

You don’t always have to rehydrate before you cook. For many dishes, you can just toss the THRIVE in along with the needed water and let it rehydrate as it cooks!


Substitute THRIVE for fresh foods in all the recipes your family already loves. Toss the veggies into soups, sauce powder into casserole, or fruits into pies!

Enjoy a more convenient and healthy food experience!