How I lost 40 lbs with Thrive Life

Written by: Jon Taylor

Jon Taylor

My wife Tracy started eating Thrive on a regular basis and, I could see, was getting much healthier. In August 2018, she suggested we eat nothing but Thrive for 30 days. Halfway through the month, I was feeling pretty good, and I stepped on the scale expecting to see maybe a pound or two gone, and I was down 10 pounds! I was feeling pretty darn good. By the end of the month, I was down almost 20 lbs. We kept up eating mostly Thrive, and by January, I was down just over 30 lbs. Currently, I'm down exactly 40 lbs! And I credit it to the ease of getting in more vitamins and nutrients through Thrive.

But more important than the weight loss is my overall health. I had been on medication for the past decade due to pains in my chest that woke me up through the night. About a month after I switched to eating mainly Thrive, Tracy mentioned something about me not waking up in the night and not taking my medication. I hadn’t even realized that for the first time in a decade, I had gone over a month without any pain and without any medication. I need to stress this is not a diet... I eat more food and more often than I was before. I just eat better. Healthier was my goal. The weight loss was just a bonus.

I still eat pizza or cake or ice cream on occasion, but my healthy body can handle it. And I make sure that poor food choices are the exception, not the rule. It only takes a couple days of eating poorly, and I’m feeling sluggish and sick again. The vitamins and nutrients I get from Thrive give me the energy I need, and they leave me with an overall good feeling.

How lucky are we that so many things can be cured or prevented just by eating the right food!