Heather Lorimer

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 I signed up to be a Shelf Reliance Consultant in April of 2010.   Initially I signed up because I had been looking for something that would bring in a little extra money and that was intellectually challenging.  I also loved the idea of getting in at the ground floor of the business opportunity but most of all I loved the food.  I was hesitant at first but my husband told me that it was perfect for me so I signed up.  Before I signed up with Shelf Reliance I had looked into another direct sales company, when a consultant for that company told me that no one really made any money at it I thought "It sure seems like a lot of effort to not make any money"  I obviously did not end up with that company and I have been so happy that with Shelf Reliance consultants actually make money!  I have had a lot of ups and downs, just as anyone would, but for the most part my experience with Shelf Reliance has been very positive. 

I have always been a proponent of food storage and after a minor disaster a couple of years ago, when we ate a lot of our food storage, I am convince of the importance of food storage. I cook with THRIVE foods every day.  My personal favorites are powdered eggs, freeze dried spinach, and freeze dried mangoes.  My husband and older kids love the pineapple, and my baby loves the blueberries.   

I have three children ranging from 6 years old to 1 year old.  We are busy and we love the convenience of THRIVE foods.  I have found that cooking with THRIVE ingredients makes cooking dinner at home so much faster and easier.  I can get dinner on the table is less time than it takes to get fast food, and it is so much healthier.

I blog about using THRIVE foods at http://www.cookingwithmyfoodstorage.blogspot.com

I blog about being a Shelf Reliance Consultant at http://blog.shelfrelianceleaders.com/

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