How Do We Get That Flavor?

Written by: Jenny Swingle

Flavor power

I love watching people take their first bite of a Thrive strawberry! Their eyes pop and their lips turn into a smile as they enjoy this deliciously nutritious berry in a way they’ve never experienced before!

As the Vice President of Operations, I often get does Thrive get their food to taste so darn good?! While there’s a lot of science and chemistry that goes into our freeze drying process, getting the flavor just right really comes down to one thing...keeping it natural.

If you were given the choice, would you pick a strawberry from Grandma’s garden or a strawberry from the grocery store? You’d pick Grandma’s, of course! Homegrown food tastes so much better because it’s allowed to fully ripen naturally. You’re often eyeing the garden just waiting for those signs of a perfectly ripe berry!

We aim to bring you that same experience with Thrive Life. The farmers we partner with give their food the freedom to grow as nature intended—free of GMOs, preservatives, funky chemicals, or additives, allowing that homegrown flavor to fully develop uninterrupted.

After the food is harvested, we flash freeze it within hours to lock in the flavor, and then freeze dry it shortly thereafter! This is what makes us stand out against the grocery store. When you open a can of Thrive Life, it’s like you just plucked it from the garden—the flavor is just as vibrant, just as mouth watering as the day it was picked!

For me, this means my kids are choosing Thrive berries over fruit snacks! In fact, my eight year old snacks on broccoli like there’s no tomorrow! They’re obsessed with that powerful kick of flavor, and as a mom, this means everything.

If you’re new to Thrive Life, start diving in! Take your first bite and be taken back to those days in Grandma’s garden.