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For the food you love and the pantry that holds it all together

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Free Standing Shelves

Need some serious organization? With large freestanding shelving units you can keep all your food in one place so the whole family can have easy access. See video



Family Can Systems

Keep all your family sized Thrive Life cans rotated and easily accessible.


Pantry Can Systems

Keep smaller portions at your fingertips.


Variety Can Systems

Keep a combination of family sized, pantry cans, and other foods organized and ready.


Stay organized with our one-of-a-kind shelving units


First In—First Out

Cans smoothly roll from top to bottom to ensure you’re consuming food based on when it was purchased.

Fully Adjustable

Easily accomodate any size can from tuna to #10 cans.

Stackable & Expandable

Use our on-shelf units to maximize space and create the perfect setup for your existing storage shelves.

What People Are Saying


“I was afraid this would turn out to be yet another flimsy shelving product, but I took a chance and am so glad I did! It is sturdy and works just as described. I actually find it kind of fun to put my cans away now!”

Carly Theimer

"It makes me feel good to easily see what I have and how much. I need another one…or two!”

Krystal McGhee

On Shelf Units

Utilize the shelves you have with our on-shelf units. Simply place on top for easy access and sensible way to utilize wasted space.



Depth: 10.25"



Depth: 16.5"


Pantry Plus

Depth: 16.5"



Keep customizing with additional shelf accessories


Front Shelf

A front shelf attaches to the front of each shelf row giving you quick access and visibility to every can.


Top Shelf

Take advantage of extra vertical space with a standard top shelf.