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I'll admit it. My first attraction to THRIVE LIFE was the long term shelf life of the food. But within a very short amount of time we realized that incorporating it into our daily meal plans made a big difference to the quality of our meals, our overall health, and the biggest surprise of all - even our grocery budget. No small thing! We found that the accessibility and convenience made it easier to eat more fruits and vegetable than we normally took the time to do. And we drastically reduced the amount of food we threw out. These were all very big bonuses. 

Although the extended shelf life may have been the initial draw, it was the nutritional quality of the foods that sold me. What kept me though, was the convenience of it. Literally how quick and easy it was to put a wholesome nutritious meal on the table. 

Lets face it, we all EAT. And we spend a lot of money in the grocery store. Did you know that over 30% of your grocery purchases are impulse buys? Things that we didn't plan to
buy, don't need and alot of the time, wish we hadn't purchased. 

The whole idea of shopping from home and having my groceries shipped right to the door was the final deal maker for me. HELLO! This has saved me tons of time at the grocery store. And tons of money, And talk about simplifying my life! 

I love sharing all this with new people. Its like rediscovering it all over again - through someone else.  

Knowing that THRIVE LIFE can help others we care about was a huge emphasis in our decision to become involved as consultants, and continues to be the strongest motivating factor. THRIVE LIFE can help you
1) eat more nutritiously,
2) save time in the kitchen,
3) eliminate most of your kitchen waste,
4) save money on your grocery budget,
5) create a Home-Store for even more convenience and peace of mind
6) accomplish your 'food-storage' goals in your effort to become self reliant

This is a wonderful thing to be part of. 

Sharing with friends: 
It seems almost too good to be true doesn't it? Yeah, I know. Well, they say that seeing is believing but in this case "Tasting" is believing. It doesn't matter how good for you a food is, if it doesn't taste good - no one's gonna eat it. There is only one way to taste the food and that is to get close to it. If you would like to learn more, or book an In-Home Tasting with your friends, lets talk. We can make that super easy.

a Delivery: 
Setting up an auto ship Delivery is EASY, and requires absolutely no commitment on your part. You can pause, skip or outright cancel your Deliveries any time you want. I know right? And in the meantime, when your order tops $100 - you get FREE Shipping. Even into Canada. That is huge! (if you live in Hawaii or Alaska you get 1/2 price shipping. 

Becoming a Consultant: 
is easy peasy to do. Simply pick out your Consultant kit, and order. We think you're gonna love sharing with the people in your area. You literally get paid to 'eat'. But, you are under no obligation to do so. There are no minimums or compulsory quotas you have to meet. At the very least you'll get a $ kick-back on your own Delivery purchases and make commission on all other purchases / sales. It really IS the best way to shop. 

THRIVE LIFE: "Helping people become more self reliant, prosperous, and charitable."








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Best Ketchup EVER!

April 4, 2013

I finally did it. I've been meaning to make ketchup from the THRIVE Tomato Powder for months. I keep hearing about how good it is, and how easy to make, and now I know for myself.

So good I have to share the recipe. Super-Duper Simple.

Best Ever Tomato Ketchup


1 cup THRIVE Tomato Powder 3 1/2 cups water 1/3 cup sugar or honey or the best of both worlds: THRIVE Honey Powder 1/2 cup cider vinegar 2 T THRIVE FD Chopped Onion 1 t. salt 1/2 t. garlic powder 1/2 t. pepper 1/2 t. dry mustard 1/8 t. powdered allspice. (I just zapped some whole allspice in the blender for a minute)

In a medium sized pot combine all the ingredients. Stir with a wooden spoon to mix and bring to a boil, stirring frequently. Reduce heat and gently simmer, stirring frequently till ketchup reaches the perfect consistency for you. Expect that to be about 45 minutes - depending on thickness desired.
Pour into glass jar and refrigerate. Mine yielded 2 pint jars.
Best to let it sit for a day to allow flavours to fully blend (that's if you can stay out of it that long).

That is it! How easy is that? Almost embarrassing its so easy. And economical too.

And you know the best part? The ingredient list on the can of tomato powder is .... wait for it .... TOMATOES. That's it. Nothing more. So the only thing that is in my ketchup is what I put into it. From beginning to end - I was in control. I like that. One more way for me to control the goodness of the food I serve my family.
And one less thing I need to go to the store for.
I will never buy ketchup again.


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