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Isabell Hanske
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THRIVE is truly amazing

We started using THRIVE about 1 year ago. It saves us time and money. It's very delicious and flavorful. I'm self-employed and love cooking from scratch. With THRIVE I'm able to do that but save a lot of time in the kitchen as everything is peeled, washed and chopped. I developed a couple of allergies (like gluten and GMO). Since we use mostly THRIVE I feel healthier and see improvements. The BEST thing is that THRIVE is very open with information about there products. They have high standards for their food and they truly care about their customers. I'm so in LOVE with THRIVE.
Michael Novack
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We feel so much better!

My husband and I have noticed a marked improvement in the way we feel. We are eating less , feeling satisfied and have less cravings because we are getting more nutrients in our food thanks to Thrive. Inflammation is WAY down, our joints are less painful and we are more mobile. He has lost quite a bit of weight. I haven't lost weight but am less "fluffy" lol because allergies and inflammation are more controlled. Prior to finding non GMO Thrive food we hadn't eaten corn for several years; now corn is back in our diet and we love it. All the foods are 'clean', natural, fresh and taste GREAT! I can't convey how excited we are to be able to eat 'REAL' food.
Kecia Re
Wood Village, Oregon
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Fabulous Foods!

I was diagnosed pre diabetic in 2013. I asked my Doctor if it was something I needed medication for or would she trust me to make a change in my diet and bring my sugar levels down. I left the office that day feeling confused because the foods I thought were healthy had led me to weight gain and bad health! I searched for as much information as I could for foods that I could trust to give me the nutrition I needed without eating salads the rest of my life. I discovered ThriveLife! What a change....I now eat balanced, tasty and highly nutritional foods. I have since lost 50 lbs without dieting and have gotten my A1C down for the past 3 years checks to 5.1. Thrive has allowed me to be creative making things like Cauliflower crust pizza, peanut flour with dark chocolate truffles, tasty smoothies using real fruit and so much more. I now can say I Thrive with ThriveLife!
Kathy Elledge
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Our Healthier Happier Solution

With a foot in the door of diabetes (like the rest of my family who already had it) I was doing all I could to try to eat low-carb, and with lots of low glycemic fruits, vegetables, and lean protein. It was difficult to keep up with all of that chopping! My food storage I jokingly called "diabetes in a bucket". I never rotated it because I knew most of it wasn't healthy for me. THRIVE to the rescue! I now have food storage that I happily rotate on my 6' rotating shelves. It is filled with healthy choices of fruit, vegetables, and protein. For the first time I LOVE eating my food storage, it's now my very own Home Store. The big surprise for me -- I fell in love with the time-saving of THRIVE! It's like having a wonderful new time-saving appliance. For example, I haven't chopped an onion in 2 years. Thrive helps me not only be healthier, but happier!
Mallory Hayford
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How Thrive has helped me and my family

Hi everyone,

Thrive has helped me and my family simply by being able to eat healthier with much more ease. I am not wasting as much fresh food and we are getting better nutritution. Also, I am not running to the store for that item that wasn't purchased at the store last time. We love the ease of cooking with this product and are so happy that we have been introduced to Thrive.
Robert & Elizabeth Swan
Hayden, Idaho
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Loving Thrive Life

We signed up as consultants on the spot after one taste of the sweet corn and have been selling THRIVE ever since. THRIVE helped change my 9 year old's eating habits as well. If it wasn't noodles or bacon, she wasn't interested.
Since joining THRIVE I have gotten her to do the fruits and yogurts. It's a start!
Debi Johnson
North Carolina
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THRIVE: A Nutritional Ninja!

THRIVE is a nutritional ninja—a powerhouse! I use THRIVE for my nutrition. In treating food as medicine, my two main ways of “cooking” are preparing smoothies or cooking with the crock pot. There are nutritional reasons for using these methods. THRIVE makes creating healthy smoothies so, so easy compared to buying foods at the farmer’s market.

I enjoy helping my customers learn more about how THRIVE supports their nutrition and getting them on the right track towards better health. It’s become a ministry for me since I have been so, so blessed in my transformational health recovery (see my profile for a brief summary). I share with my customers the journey toward better health.

Karen Romine
Prineville, Oregon
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Make Your Crazy Life a Little Less Crazy

We are eating healthy, delicious foods and we are saving time and money! We no longer make that trip to the store for the $40 gallon of know, you went for a gallon of milk and come out $40 poorer because you bought a sack full of stuff that you didn't really need or want! We just go to the pantry and make up 2 cups of milk and we are good to go!

THRIVE makes our life is a little less crazy. I don't stress when we aren't through changing pipes or picking up hay until after 8:00 pm. I know I can have a fresh, homemade dinner on the table in about 15 minutes. It takes longer than that to cook a frozen pizza!

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