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Tammy Hogan
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THRIVE = Less Stress

I am a typical wife and mother...BUSY! I have children from elementary school to college and I am also a grandmother. I have always believed in having a family dinner hour, where everyone can sit down together and talk, laugh, and relax. Creating this experience can make life more stressful because it involves not only shopping and cooking, but I also want the meals to be nutritious. This is how THRIVE helps me.

First, THRIVE saves me time and stress because I don't need to go to the store - no extra driving, no wasted time in line, no wandering through aisles, not to mention the money I save. I used to go to the store for milk and eggs and spend over $50.00 for things that should cost about $5.00 (I also save on the extra calories in the chocolate and sodas I always end up buying). After a year using THRIVE daily, I calculated my budget savings and found I saved about 24% throughout the year on my groceries. Saving money reduces stress!

I have also been able to significantly reduce the time spent making meals using THRIVE. The fruits and vegetables in my Home Store are already cleaned, peeled, and chopped and the meats are precooked, so I don't need to thaw, brown, and drain. Saving time reduces stress!

I want a healthy family, so nutrition is also important. With THRIVE I have vine-ripened produce that is packed with nutrition and flavor that even the grocery store can't compare to. I appreciate THRIVE's commitment to quality so I can feel confident that I am feeding my family the best food available.

So, if you want to reduce stress and improve your family time, try THRIVE. I am so grateful that I have my THRIVE home store.
Andrew Flieder
Edmonton, Alberta
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Super Quick, Super Healthy, Super Deal!

When we went to our first party, I checked the labels on the foods, had a quick look at the price list, and was convinced it was a good deal. And that was before I knew anything about getting host benefits for free and half-priced food! We had our daughter with us, and when the consultant came around and handed out the product she was showing, my daughter grabbed them out of the cup and popped them into her mouth. She loved everything! Anyone who has a 2-year-old will appreciate seeing a product that is healthy and nutritious (with no sugar) that a toddler can eat, and not be worried as parents about it.

We left the party after putting in an order and booking a party at our house to show our friends. Our party allowed us to receive $528 worth of food for around $175 or so. We got hooked, and a couple weeks later, I signed up and even got free shipping on my kit! I've never seen a company that is so easy to talk to, easy to work with, and has exceptional quality! THRIVE just hits the ball right out of the park compared to any other companies that are out there.

Kalee McGill
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Hooked on THRIVE

When THRIVE first came to Canada my husband and I decided we would make this our main grocery budget and see if it really would save us money. We were blown away that after the first month we saved $150! Not only do we love the money saving aspect, but we love how quick and easy it is to cook and experiment with. AND on top of all that it is super healthy! When the kids pull a can of THRIVE peas off the shelf because they want a can it get any better?
Krista Hampton
Mesa, Arizona
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No More Overspending at the Grocery Store

Just last week, I went to the grocery store for Airborne. I walked out with $60 in other groceries and realized when I got in the car I didn't get the Airborne! This reminded me that I really don't go to the grocery store much, thanks to THRIVE! THRIVE allows me to skip the trip and only go when I really need to, because it's usually in my pantry already. This over spending doesn't happen nearly as often as it used to. I love my THRIVE!
Carolina Food Storage
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Great for Busy Families!

I can't tell you how many times THRIVE has saved us from running out to grab an expensive, unhealthy meal. After working late most nights, the last thing that we want to do is spend an hour prepping dinner. With THRIVE we can make most any of our favorite recipes in 30 minutes or less!
Allison Green
Ft. Bragg, North Carolina
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Always Fresh - Always In Season!

My top three reasons to love THRIVE?

1) I've reduced my grocery budget. Hooray for the Q!
2) THRIVE gives me back time to spend on things that matter. Making a healthy and delicious meal takes 10–15 minutes. Sometimes less! I'm not having to spend my whole evening in the kitchen. I love it!
3) We eat better. My kids love their veggies! Woo-hooo! Who wouldn't love that?! I have tons of farm fresh fruits and veggies on hand 24/7, thanks to my Home Store. I know my family is eating the best food available and it's so easy to do with THRIVE.

And if I had to add one more? I don't have to touch raw meat...ever. That right there is worth it to me :)

We sure are grateful for the difference THRIVE has made for our family!
Kay Curtiss
Mount Airy, Maryland
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Cut the Waste!

I've been cooking with THRIVE for about 4 years and love to Thrivealize recipes. I love the convenience and taste. However, the elimination of a lot of food waste probably tops my list of benefits--I haven't bought celery in the store for over 3 years, and I haven't thrown any away either!
Dan Yoder
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The Frugal Chef

Preparing meals and snacks that are packed with flavor, convenient, and on budget. .. is being Frugal. Gourmet meals on the fly is one of the most invigorating experiences, when I have the confidence to know I have a cupboard of fresh ingredients at my fingertips.

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