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Lisa Reiner
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My Thrive Story

As a hairstylist, I stand all day, and the last thing that I want to do after a long day at the salon is to stand in front of the stove for an hour cooking when I was hungry hours ago. Thrive has really helped with that! It takes me longer to decide what I want to eat than it does to cook it. Thrive has really changed that aspect of my life for the better and I'm excited to be able to experience and enjoy more of what Thrive has to offer at convention.

I have never been to convention as I just signed up to become a consultant last December. But I am SUPER excited to go! I can't wait for the experience. My up lines have been and continue to be such an inspiration to me as I grow in this business. I would be nowhere without them and they have raved about convention and how awesome it is: meeting Chef Todd, the gala dinner and the break out sessions. I can't wait. July cannot come fast enough!
Shelli Rasmussen
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We use THRIVE foods every day

We just love THRIVE foods. I made a commitment 4 years ago to use it every day if it's cooking a meal, making a smoothie, or just snacking on the fruit. THRIVE saves my family time and money. THRIVE also allows me to use just the right amount of whatever I need for a recipe. I love that there is no more crying over chopping onions, no more throwing away produce at the end of the week, and no more last minute runs to the grocery store.

My kids love to take the yogurt bites and bananas to school for snacks. THRIVE foods makes cooking easier and less stressful at meal time!
Janet Lott
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A Way of Life

When I first signed up as an independent consultant with Thrive Life in October 2015, I was taking online classes through BYU-Idaho. Many of my evenings were filled with homework and before I knew it, it was dinner time and I hadn’t even thought of what we would eat. One of these nights my husband, Tracey, just started gathering our Thrive Life vegetable cans and prepared a quick, nutritious soup. While I am one to follow a recipe, Tracey is one who creates a recipe. Since joining Thrive Life I have learned to go outside my comfort zone and recreate some of my favorite recipes with Thrive Life products.
We have begun saving additional money by Tracey taking a variety of vegetables to work with him, where he mixes them in with top ramen or a cup of soup for his lunches. He also keeps a #10 can of the 9 grain cracked wheat for his breakfast at work.
My father who is 82 years old and is residing in a rest home due to Parkinson loves the Thrive Life fruit. Instead of asking me to bring cookies as he did in the past, he is now asking for freeze dried fruit as his snack.
Personally for myself, I love snacking on the fruits and vegetables. I use to be one who would snack on cookies, etc., but now find myself craving a bowl with freeze dried sweet corn, green beans and mixed bell peppers. Yum! I also enjoy mixing a baggie of freeze dried fruits to keep with me when I’m running errands.
This past February, my oldest son, as well as two of my daughters-in-law joined as consultants. They are loving the foods they have tried. I’m so grateful to know my sons and their families have the benefits of Thrive Life in their lives. I started my journey with Thrive Life hoping to add great tasting products to our family food storage, but quickly learned it is much more than that. It has become a way of life.

Joylene Johnson
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Eating Better and Saving Money

I discovered Thrive at a party and was so excited because our family had struggled financially for about two years and had received assistance for food. I decided I could get my food AND make money! I wasn't sure if it was true that I could save money using Thrive when each can seemed so expensive. So I tracked my food expenses precisely for 4 months (didn't think of tracking the fuel saved). At that time I only used my Thrive a couple of times a week. I found I was saving $60 every month! This got me more excited to use Thrive and save more money. I now use something, if not all Thrive, every day and save even more. I'm excited we are eating healthier, saving lots of money, and I can get food on the table in a flash, especially when we run to ball games and kids activities most days. I have a huge sense of peace knowing I can be self reliant and feed my family with my own food store at my home.
Krystal McGhee
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Our THRIVE Story

Our story is a long one. I have been using THRIVE fro over 5 years. I started sharing THRIVE with my friends and others, but I still had not seen the vision of what THRIVE could be. Yes I used a few things everyday in my kitchen and the fruits the kids loved to snack on, but I was building my "food storage". Until life happened..... then it became necessary for us to use our food storage on a daily basis, it was a life saver! WE used our "food storage" for over a year and through that time I learned to use so many more veggies in our meals and snacks lol It may seem funny to you, but if I didn't have a certain veggie or sour cream even on hand to make a certain recipe then I just didn't make it! So when I finally started using what I did have on hand I was able to broaden our tastes and broaden my cooking! It's amazing how good some recipes taste with celery!!
Anyway long story short, life got better and THRIVE is still my go to for everyday dishes it make 98% of our groceries and I love it! I could never go back to the old grocery store foods....!!
The McGhee Family
Trisha Zook
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What Did We Do Without THRIVE?

"What did we do without THRIVE?" is the question my husband always asks! We started out simply snacking on the fruit and veggies but soon discovered it was so much more. Not only is it nutritious and delicious, but it also cuts meal prep significantly! We save time and money while eating healthier. We eat THRIVE daily (everything from overnight oats to gourmet dinners) and wouldn't have it any other way! Once you THRIVE, you don't go back.
Monty Reed
Seattle Washington
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Why a Foodie Joined Thrivelife

As a child I experienced farm fresh foods in Montana and as an adult I have always tried to prepare foods so they would taste the way they did when I was a kid. When I found Thrivelife it was going to be for emergency food storage. After doing a little research I found that Thrive Freeze Dried foods have more flavor and nutrition than most produce at the grocery store because of it is picked vine ripened. It is food I can trust. I have been a foodie all my life. I love food, cooking it, preparing it and serving it to my family. Thrive has brought back the meal time experience. I used to think showing love to my family was to slave for an hour or two in the kithchen preparing amazing foods. Now with Thrive I can prepare meals in ten minutes or less. Using the SlamCooking method I can do five meals in 3.5 minutes. That leaves an hour or more time to play with my wife and talk to the kids.
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Amber Spackman
Lewiston, Utah
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Changed my Cooking Experience!

I've enjoyed cooking with Thrive foods for almost 6 years now and I know it has changed my cooking experience in the kitchen!! When I am in a hurry to throw a quick meal together-Thrive to the rescue! When I want tasty, delicious snacks- Thrive to the rescue! It feels so good to know that I have at my fingertips in my pantry food that my family loves to eat! Food like cheese, meat, pasta, fruit, yogurt, vegetables and all the baking basics! I would be so sad if Thrive was taken away from me. Being a Thrive Consultant has been such a blessing to me in so many ways- including building a business. I am in Love! :)

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