Monty Reed and Stacy Reed

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As many of you know storing food for an emergency or disaster  has become more necessary than ever.  We had been looking for emergency foods and supplies we could use for daily use and for long term storage. 
We found Thrive Life (Formerly Shelf Reliance) and quickly realized this was it!  After sampling the amazing food, as well as realizing there was an opportunity to assist others in preparedness, we were in. 
Our goal is to raise awareness and help individuals, churches, and groups of people be prepared when the inevitable happens.
We live just north of Seattle, WA.
We have two teenage children who also love the food.
Please contact us to set up a demonstration and sample some amazing food for your home, church or office.

We specialize in the "Party by Mail" where we can send you some free samples so you can hosta tasting party.

Monty and Stacy Reed

Our plan is: to be prepared and help our neighborhood, church and community to be prepared so we can all work together in an emergency and THRIVE.
(206) 250-5639 Monty (206) 250-5706 Stacy
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Monty and Stacy's Blog

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Open Your Party By Mail

August 22, 2018

Open Your Party By Mail Deluxe Thrive Life Watch this video when receiving a party by mail from a Thrive Life Consultant. This video will walk you through the contents of the Party by Mail box and tell you about Thrive Life: the business and the products. Click to view the video To build the business: Create more "Party by Mail" boxes and send... Read More…

How to Make Easter Cookies with the Macaroon Mix

March 31, 2018

This is so simple, I used to make these from scratch.  Now I use the Thrive Macaroon Cookie mix instead.  Right before you pop them in the oven add your favorite Easter chololates.  These work for any season, just change the chocolates.  You can order the mix here Watch this video ... Read More…

Sponsoring Frenzy Thrive Life Pathfinders Training Call

November 1, 2017

Sponsoring Frenzy Thrive Life Pathfinders Training Call is a recording from a weekly training call from people who are doing the Thrive Life business with the intent of replacing a full time career with a part time business.  The idea of a sponsoring frenzy is to put out an all out massive action for nintey days to create momentum for the long... Read More…

New Blog Post for

October 2, 2017

I hope all is well with you.  This blog is here to help save you time and money while putting the fun back in the kitchen with Slam Cooking where meals are ready in five minutes. Some take longer and some, like tacos, are ready in only three and a half minutes.  I hope you will enjoy my videos on slam cooking on the youtube channel Here is... Read More…

Slam Cooking Strawberry Nutella Croissant

June 29, 2016

Slam Cooking Strawberry Nutella Croissant Thrive Life. Everyone Loves Nutella.  If you have not tried it yet, get some and eat it with a spoon, then make this recipe.  Enjoy this video    Ingredients:  1 pkg. Croissant dough  1 c. THRIVE Strawberry Slices - Freeze... Read More…

Get $500 in Free Groceries

June 21, 2016

If you would like to get $500 in FREE groceries every month you need to get together with a Thrive representative (aka Thrive consultant) for a one on one appointment.  They can let you sample some Thrive products and let you read the labels as well as answer your questions about the company and the products.   Enjoy this video about "Get $500 in Free Groceries Every Month with... Read More…

Launch a New City: Cold Calls

June 18, 2016

Launching a new city for a MLM can just happen or you can use strategy to make it happen when and where you want it to happen.   Enjoy the Video This is all part of the TapRooting strategy taught in the video  "Taprooting #Thrivelife 10min video"    In this video I share the technique... Read More…

How to Prep and Morel Mushrooms

June 16, 2016

Morel mushrooms are rare because they pop a year after a forest fire give or take a few weeks.  It's basically a year after the fire went out.  Moderate-intensity fires are reported to produce higher abundances of morels than low- or high-intensity fires.   My brother has been teaching me about edible mushrooms over the last year while we have been on hikes.  It has... Read More…

24 Hour Sale Premium Launch Pack

June 15, 2016

New Freeze Dried 24 HOUR SALE if you are already signed up for the Q Groceries to your door program. There is still time to join. It is like Amazon Fresh... It's Fresher Than Fresh Our new freeze dryers are up and running and you can be the first to try the highest quality food on the market! Purchase your Premium Launch Pack on June 16 with free shipping and be... Read More…

STP One On Ones

June 14, 2016

STP Survey The Person Spot Their Passion Share The Product and Show The Plan.  This is a system for sponsoring or getting referrals for the business. by Monty K Reed Survey The Person  Spot Their Passion  Share The Product and  Show The Plan Enjoy the Video   I learned this technique from my four mentors who were all earning over $100,000 a month.... Read More…

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