Cansolidator Cupboard

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The Cansolidator Cupboard is a sturdy, convenient way to store up to 20 cans. Featuring SmarTrac technology, the Cansolidator Cupboard is a front loading system that automatically rotates cans on a first in first out basis. The Cansolidator Cupboard is expandable and stackable, allowing for easy can organization and storage. This is the perfect stand-alone solution for any small cupboard space.

The Cansolidator Cupboard holds cans ranging from small tuna size to pineapple. To determine which can size(s) you'll be storing, please refer to our can sizing chart.

Width: 19.5"
Depth: 10.25"
20 Cans

* Rotates cans on a first in first out basis
* Holds up to 20 cans
* Holds over 100 pounds
* Stores cans ranging from small tuna size to pineapple
* Adjustable width (19.5" at its widest)

*Units may be stacked for space optimization (note: It's recommended that no more than 2 units be stacked)

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